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he wishes he could dance
like the cucumber
free and smooth
he can’t


he wishes he could dance

like the cucumber

free and smooth


he can’t

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Here’s the thing….

Yes, I do realize that the salary of a teacher sucks. I realize that it’s a thankless job 99% of the time. I realize you’re trying to convince me to go on a different path, and I realize that’s just because you care about me.
BUT that stuff doesn’t matter to me. You think I chose to pursue a career in education because of the MONEY? Newsflash, no one does. I realize I only have a year let of high school before going off to college, but the thing is, when I get there, education will be my major. You can’t convince me otherwise.



when someone cries because you said something nice to them, they’re someone who you need to protect because they haven’t seen enough kindness in the world.

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Prayer Request


This one’s for me: please pray that God’s plan for my life would continually be revealed to me as it unfolds. I have always felt called to music. I have always felt called to bring others to Christ - we all are. I deeply grow from counseling others in Jesus, as He mentors me and gives me council….

Always praying for you, Gray. :)


Annual Disney Survey


Disney Survey: a fun, no consequence survey to find out more about the Disney Fandom and community


  • There is a section focusing on princesses requiring your thought and possibly time. I decided to keep it to see the range of input it would get. You can take your time on this section or give a one word answer. I don’t care as long as it’s fun for you.
  • This is my first time distributing a typeform so I don’t know what’s going to happen.
  • If you could reblog this to help get more responses that would be excellent and helpful.
  • If you have any other problems with the survey, please message me so I can fix it ASAP.

Thanks and I hope it’s fun for you guys!

SO, I have another tumblr where I post random things that I learn from my YP (youth pastor) and then all the other amazing leaders that God has blessed me with. I post lyrics and messages and personal posts and all things of that sort.

Anyway, if that sounds appealing, go ahead, click this link, and click the follow button. :) 


Everyone knows this situation

Where you’re standing there, on the verge of tears, and you’re holding them back the best you can.

Then: someone grabs you in a hug.

And you burst. You can’t hold it back anymore, and suddenly you’re sobbing in someone’s arms.

You know that moment? Me too. & I’m trying to decide if that situation makes me really happy or really sad, because it’s one of those.


Let it go (russian version)


To be honest,
I find Russian version of Elsa’s song much more beautiful and tender
than original song.

Если честно,
то мне кажется, что песня Эльзы в русском исполнении намного красивее и нежнее, чем в оригинале.

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Visual development for The Hunchback of Notre Dame




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“You want a perfect man? Be perfect. Simple as that. * * * Back so soon? Did you find that my task for you was simply impossible? Okay, let’s try this: Be the best that you can be. Chase after God with all your heart, and you’ll find a man that is doing the same. The trick is to run fast and look to see who is going your speed. Here’s the main rule: Do NOT slow down for ANY man. If anything, accelerate.”



Hey guys, hope your skin is clear and you get a text from someone you like real soon.

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India IS in Asia.

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waking up and realizing you still have more time to sleep


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Marines singing Let it go - Video

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